Day Support Services

Dream Vision offers Day Service programs to suit each individual’s needs. Our staff are trained to not only offer practicing work skills but also daily living skills that are joyous to the individual being served. Our Day services is structured in that it offers programs that are meant for community access and personal development, and volunteering:

Personal Development

Our services encourages personal development in areas of personal hygiene, cooking, cleaning, health and wellness, continued education and money management tips. We also encourage laughter, relaxation, hobbies, social skills and fostering relationships within the community.


At Dream Vision, we allow our staff and individuals with disabilities to participate in the community through various volunteering opportunities including meals on wheel, special olympic events . This fosters confidence and participation in our community.

Community Access

We encourage personal preferences and choices to participate in activities of their choice within the community. This includes swimming and sporting events. Individuals use these activities to learn more about the community at large.