Our Calling is to customize services based on you as an individual and provide quality services to improve your life in a unique responsible fashion.

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  • Encourage independence as a way of personal growth
  • Provide care and comfort
  • Provide clean and neat homes
  • Provide community involvement of choice to individuals
  • Provide a healthy and safe environment, including learning and practicing daily living skills
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The Community Development Disability Organization (CDDO) is your single point for services offered in Sedgwick County. To reach the CDDO, simply call (316)-660-7630. Your Targeted Case Manager (TCM) can also assist you in navigating your choices for services and support. Once you decide to pursue services from Dream Vision, we will be more than happy to assist you in your transition.

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Next Steps...

Call us to schedule a showing of one of our homes.  You can contact your TCM services and CDDO to transition to our beautiful homes and caring staff. You care, we care a lot, because your life matters!